Atmospheric action-platformer mixed with puzzles and exploration that will take you at the edge of the universe.


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Ability to change the planet rotation

By acquiring the power to change the planet rotation - going fast forward or fast backward - you will be able to make use of special alien technology to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

Real-time day and night cycle

The planet flora and fauna, and all the strange lifeforms in between, react naturally to the succession of day and night. You will have to observe and make use of the different behaviors in order to survive on this beautiful but dangerous world.

Multiple dimensions to explore

Inter-dimensional portals appeared on Alpha 31 after the incident that reverted the Terra-formation process. In your quest to save the human race you will explore these mysterious dimensions where things are not always what they seem.

Planet Alpha 31 is being developed by an agile core team

Game design, art-direction & logic by Adrian Lazar

3D art & animation by Tim Løye Skafte

Level design by Tim Börrefors

Sound design by Jesper Krogh Kristiansen

We also collaborate with a few talented folks

Additional rigging & animation by Mads Dam Jakobsen

Music by Siddhartha Barnhoorn

Game design consultant: Roman Graebsch

A special shout-out goes to Dana Cowley and Chance Ivey from Epic Games, and to Ben Mears from SideFX for constantly supporting Planet Alpha 31 on the social media and outside.

Brief history

The game started as the creation of Adrian Lazar in December 2013.

After two years of lone part-time development, the project became fully financed by CAPNOVA investment company and the core team doubled in size with the addition of Tim Skafte.

We are supported by a few great collaborators, working to create an unforgettable experience.

CAPNOVA is an investment and development company which by means of capital, solid business experience and a strong network turns innovative ideas into successful businesses. Find out more about CAPNOVA here.

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Awards & Recognition

Public hands-on events

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Latest News

Get your hands on Planet Alpha 31 at the Nordic Game Conference


We're going to be at NGC 2016 in Malmo, Sweden.
Find out more.

Houdini Connect Interview


Short video interview where Adrian talks with SideFX about developing Planet Alpha 31.
Find out more.

GDC 2016 was pretty awesome!


The first GDC for Planet Alpha 31 came and went and it was pretty awesome.
Find out more.

Planet Alpha 31 is a stunning sci-fi game...


Great little preview article from The Verge.
Find out more.

Experience Planet Alpha 31 at GDC 2016, booth PL612


We are excited to announce that this year Planet Alpha 31 will have a great presence at GDC.
Find out more.

Farewell 2015, you have been great!


Read about the most important events of 2015.
Find out more.

Revving the Engine: Planet Alpha 31 Interview


Unwinnable published a nice interview about developing Planet Alpha 31.
Find out more.

IndieCade, the last public event for 2015, is now over.


Short article about Planet Alpha 31 during IndieCade Festival 2015.
Find out more.

Planet Alpha 31 will be at IndieCade Festival 2015


We're happy to partner once again with SideFX and bring Planet Alpha 31 to the IndieCade Festival.
Find out more.

CAPNOVA invests in Planet Alpha 31


Adrian Lazar, developer of Planet Alpha 31 partners with danish investment company CAPNOVA.
Find out more.

Five days of public playtest at The MIX


Short article about the second public playtest that took place at The MIX during Siggraph 2015.
Find out more.

Experience Planet Alpha 31 during The MIX / Siggraph 2015


Experience Planet Alpha 31 at The Houdini​ Booth at the Media Indie Exchange in Hall G during Siggraph 2015.
Find out more.

“Planet Alpha 31 has a fat buzzsaw robot” – Destructoid


Destructoid spots the fat buzzsaw robot!
Find out more.

“Building a platformer to manipulate time” – 80 Level


Read an extensive interview with 80 Level about developing Planet Alpha 31.
Find out more.

A not so casual game at Casual Connect


Small article about the experience at Casual Connect Asia and the Indie Prize Showcase.
Find out more.

Three awards during the 1st public hands-on demo


Planet Alpha 31 takes home 3 trophies during the Indie Prize Awards event for Best in Show - Critic’s Choice, Most Promising Game in Development and Best Game Art.
Find out more.

First ever public demo - Indie Prize Singapore


Experience the first ever public hands-on playable demo at the Indie Prize Showcase: 19-21 May, Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel – Booth 1070.
Find out more.

Steam Greelight passed in just 14 days


After 14 days of intense emotional roller-coaster Planet Alpha 31 has been Greenlit by the community. A huge Thank You to everyone for the incredible support the game received on Steam Greenlight.
Find out more.

Planet Alpha 31 on Siliconera


A short article about Planet Alpha 31 on Siliconera.
Find out more.

Interview on Nordic Game Bits


The nice folks over the Nordic Game Bits interview me about open development process and more.
Find out more.

A Day on Planet Alpha 31 on the IndieCade Art Wall


The short clip A Day on Planet Alpha 31 is being featured on the IndieCade Art Wall.
Find out more.

Unreal Dev Grant awarded by Epic Games


Super happy to announce that Epic Games awarded the Unreal Dev Grant for Planet Alpha 31.
Find out more.

Featured in Screenshot Monthly of the Indie Game Magazine


Screenshots from Planet Alpha 31 have been featured in the Screenshot Monthly section in the Indie Game Magazine December issue.
Find out more.

"These Planet Alpha 31 screen are gorgeous" – Pixel Dynamo


Read about the first public screenshots from Planet Alpha 31 in this article by Pixel Dynamo.
Find out more.

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